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On the Eve of ACCESS' 30th Year

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

This month marks the 29th anniversary of ACCESS International Business & Marketing Communication, so it is a nice opportunity to reminisce in writing and to share with anyone who wants to know a tiny bit about the incredible journey this has been for me, as founder of this American woman-led service business in Israel.

When I registered ACCESS in April 1991, I was in the process of completing an intense year-long course in entrepreneurship and small business management, for which I had received a scholarship. My move to Israel in the second half of 1989 preceded the immigration of one million people from the former Soviet Union, which created the dire need to prepare people to create their own livelihood. I was fortunate to receive an invitation to participate in the course, as it proved to be my ticket to learning Hebrew -- especially business vocabulary -- and, it provided me with the skills to be self-employed.

On my Home page, I relate to the choice of "ACCESS" as the name of the business. What is interesting about the tag line (in its English version) is that it was a deliberate choice that it could be read in two ways: International "Business and Marketing Communication", or, as I aspired it would someday read: "International Business" and "Marketing Communication". I am very pleased to share that the ACCESS caption may certainly be read both ways and remain fully accurate! You can take a look at the Projects page on the web site to see that we have done projects worldwide, from Alaska to Hainan China, and from Moscow to Southern Africa. I am blessed to have traveled with and on behalf of my Clients; thanks to them, I have seen places and accumulated experiences that have truly expanded my horizons.

ACCESS has provided me the opportunity to meet so many fascinating people over the years. I have worked shoulder to shoulder with the founders, financiers and top figures in the Israeli economy, the fathers of the Israeli space industry, and the technologists who personify the Start-up Nation, as well as the people who have created non-profits, helping corporate Israel be more socially-responsible and enabling people to Restart their lives. Most of my nearest and dearest friendships evolved from encounters through work. On the web site's Testimonials page, there are quite a few people who have worked with ACCESS for more than a decade! Thankfully, most clients take ACCESS with them as they evolve in their careers and they refer us to other clients.

The creative people ACCESS has teamed with over the years have several things in common. They are extremely talented at what they do, whether specializing in branding, marketing, exhibition booth productions, video post-production, cinematography, animation, programming, and so much more! These people and their companies work tirelessly to ensure our clients are happy and equipped to achieve their objectives. In addition to being tremendously professional, they are clever, funny and caring. After working tirelessly for their clients -- occasionally through the night to meet deadlines -- they are activists, volunteers, family people, sports enthusiasts and hobbyists. I admire and appreciate my partners and colleagues and owe them a debt of gratitude.

As ACCESS launches its new web site, in the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic, I am pausing to remember so very many of you who have trusted our skills and experience over the years. Thank you for working with us! When we finally get out of lock-down (as I write this), I look forward to our renewed cooperation and new challenges. Stay healthy and safe...and do stay in touch!

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