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Promoting Environmentally-Friendly Chemical Technologies

Chemical Industry

Intellisiv developed a groundbreaking, ecologically-friendly fiber-manufacturing technology to provide cost-effective, high-performance “designer” polymer fibers and polymer optical fibers for cutting-edge markets, including eTextiles, consumer electronics and home networks. (Photo courtesy of Oleg Palchik)

From Fertilizers to Fibers

During its early years, ACCESS worked with diverse companies in the chemicals industry, from start-ups to the largest companies in Israel. Start-ups dealt with such areas as special coatings and fertigation, while the large ones were household names, such as Israel Chemicals (ICL) and Haifa Chemicals.


At Haifa Chemicals, we provided support on a retainer basis for the then-new food-additives division, assisting with comprehensive marketing communication for global activities, as well as reporting in English to corporate.

In recent years, environmentally-friendly chemistry has become a global priority, which we at ACCESS are committed to supporting. We provided US business development and marketing communication for Intellisiv, and occasionally its sister company Tecsolut.

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