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Managing Investor Relations for The IPO of a Technology Company 


Karen poses after booth set-up in Las Vegas to preserve the moment. ACCESS was involved from the beginning in branding, messaging, booth design, PR, meeting scheduling and product launch. (Remember when 128 KBPS was a thing?!)

From Strategic Marketing to Financial Public Relations for an Internet Tech Start-up

Among the exciting projects we've had over the years, working for Marnetics Broadband Technologies was certainly one of them. We came on board when the company just had a Chief Technologist and a CEO and helped grow the company.

The scope of our responsibilities started with branding and defining the company's messaging, staff development, and corporate communication. We developed the web site, wrote white papers and coordinated trade shows.


But the work climaxed with providing Management and the Board of Directors support in conducting a reverse merger that took the tech start-up public on AMEX. 

As we have done with several other clients, we worked with the lawyers, accountants and management to write and edit the prospectus. We wrote and filed the corporate governance; and worked closely with the Board of Directors, as well as the stock exchange and transfer agents in New York. We wrote the media releases and cleared them with the company attorneys. 

Our earlier experience in working for a multi-billion-dollar US company, traded on three stock exchanges, prepared us well for this must-succeed moment and others to follow.

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