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Outsourcing as Part of Clients' Teams, 

In the Office and on the Road

Verdi, Moscow

Karen's name tag from the Moscow TeleShow in 2005.

Multi-tasking for Start-up Clients

Start-up companies do not usually have big budgets for staffing, branding, marketing and business development -- all of which are necessary for advancement and success.

ACCESS has worked with dozens of start-ups over the years, providing all of these services on a full-time, part-time, outsourcing and retainer basis. Usually, the process begins with defining a company's offering and its value in a market often crowded with direct and indirect competitors. We distinguish our clients to ensure they stand-out from the crowd.

For example, one company, Verdi, was a pioneer in video conferencing over laptop computers and was promoting the technology for use by the media. They were offered opportunities for investment and cooperation in Stockholm and Riga, and were invited to participate with a media partner in a Media trade show in Moscow. We accompanied them to all three meetings, providing assistance from preparation through presentation.

In another case, a retail intelligence company hired ACCESS for nine months on a 2/3rds basis to provide outsourced Marketing Management services, including coordination of exhibitions, web site management, content creation, and managing and supervising outside vendors.

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