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Outsourced Corporate Communication for Headquarters, Subsidiaries and Global Branches

Elenilto Group

Elenilto Group's home page presents its diverse areas of activity, yielding to beautiful graphics, quotations and explanations. This and the Tenlot web sites were written by ACCESS and designed and produced by long-term collaborative partners BrandWiz.

Support for Evolving Opportunities

ACCESS was initially recruited to provide web content for a global industrial firm called Elenilto Group, active in diverse industrial and business areas from Mining and Infrastructure to Real Estate and Gaming. Then we were asked to help with content for a presentation, followed by press release drafts. Soon, we introduced to the Company's subsidiaries -- particularly Tenlot, a lottery and gaming license holder and operator, with global partnerships.

In addition to providing support for Tenlot's business and marketing communication, we began providing support to the company's partners in Kenya, Ghana and Guatemala, writing web content, presentations, corporate governance and press releases for their activities, too.

It is advantageous for ACCESS to cooperate with our clients on so many levels, because the more familiar we are with their operations and culture, the greater our insights for promoting their offerings.

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