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Getting Measurable Value from a Trade Show

Anchorage Alaska Convention Center

Networking is a benefit of attending industry conferences and trade shows, however, converting these contacts to measurable value for your company is the ultimate challenge. (Visual for illustration purposes only.)

Scoring a BIG Meeting by Leveraging Trade Show Networking

It is well known that trade shows can burn lots of money, but they are often the best way to network and conduct international marketing in your industry, attracting attention that cannot happen in any other venue.

So it was when we represented a client at an industry-specific trade show in Anchorage, Alaska. A last-minute cancellation of one of the senior executives required us to pinch-hit -- delivering a presentation at the conference. As we had worked on the presentation content, we felt very comfortable filling in.

While there, we also did our best at networking and convincing trainees in an intelligence division of the US Government to invite our client for a speaking engagement. The invitation was passed through the appropriate channels and resulted in a prestigious forum of nearly 100 representatives of the US Government in a dedicated presentation.


This superb outcome was the result of professional management of an obscure, back-door opportunity that would likely have been overlooked by most.

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