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Making Each Day Count While in Lock-Down

The global spread of COVID-19 has created a surreal business environment. Whatever momentum we had cultivated before the pandemic has been interrupted, creating uncertainty about the future of our businesses, our jobs and our own financial futures.

Rather than simply relent to the inactivity, there are important things we can do to keep our businesses on the map and to prepare for better days, when we can again meet potential customers face-to-face and approach a vibrant global market again.

Keep in mind that all of the following should be considered with multiple perspectives: BC (Before COVID-19), DLD (During Lock-Down) and PC (Post COVID-19)

Here are a few Ideas:

1. Read about your market.

Keep an open eye to the unmet needs of your niche and the new developments being offered. How might your solution address these needs? Remember that what was needed before the markets slowed or closed may change as a result of the drama unfolding now. And yet, there are still new technologies emerging….

2. Study the competition.

Remember, there are two kinds of competitors: direct and indirect – and both of them pose a challenge to your business.

3. Network with opinion leaders.

Read what they’ve written, study their ecosystem, join their forums and expand your network in preparation for new opportunities to arise. The slow-down may present an opportunity to introduce them to your technology or business proposition, to get feedback or to ask who in the industry they think would be interested in learning more about your business.

4. Update your marketing material.

Now is the time to review your company web site, white papers, one pagers, etc. to ensure they are still up to date and to spice them up a bit. Does your messaging reflect what your company really wants to say? And, does your messaging offer your target audiences what they really want to hear? Is your old marketing strategy still relevant? You may be able to reinvent your product or service for the current market conditions! If you use this time to carefully plan and fine-tune, you may emerge from this lock-down unleashed!

5. Expand your lead list.

There are a rash of professional changes occurring, due to the market shut-down, so your ideal contact at a target company may or may not be there when this lock-down ends. That said, if you are forging ahead with your business goals, you will still do well to reach out to people whose latest job descriptions suit your lead list. You can always update your contacts later, when they get back to work or move on to a new position. Right now, you can reach out to such people who usually don’t have time; perhaps you will open a door today that you couldn’t under normal circumstances.

6. Stay optimistic.

While we may not be able to control the time-table of this pandemic, we can do our best to remain optimistic about the future...whatever and whenever that may be. When you believe in yourself and what you have to offer, it gives you more wind at your back...and each of us needs whatever help we can get!

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