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Opened the door to a Major US Retailer
for a Consumer Product Wholesaler

Easy Hold Stick-On Impulse Stand

An impulse display of Easy Hold Magnets with near-zero magnetic field.

Landing a  Product Category Review with

One of the Largest Retailers in the US

Small clients need serious business development, marketing and communication services, too...especially if they want to sell their products globally.

Among our clients is a brand of magnetic car mounts, based on its patented magnets that are about 30% stronger than those of competitors, but with near zero magnetic field; this means their magnets will never interfere with cellular data, navigation or battery life.

Under private label, the company's magnets are sold by the largest European distributor of cellular accessories in some 60 countries. 

After developing the content for their new web site, writing and editing packaging text and marketing materials, we were asked to introduce their products to the US market. 

As we do for numerous companies, we researched US companies in various categories and the appropriate leads in each company. Despite the obstacles major retailers have put in place to protect their buyers from sales calls, we were able to set-up a meeting for our client within the framework of a biannual category review, ensuring they would have an opportunity to be considered for nationwide distribution.

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