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Providing Business Communication & Public Relations Services to Promote Binational Trade

Bophuthatswana Cultural Center

On a Fact-Finding Mission in Bophuthatswana, a South African homeland, visiting a cultural center modeled after a community center in Kfar Saba, Israel.

Pursuing Investors, Business Projects and Bi-national Friendships

It is a privilege and pleasure to work with foreign governments in Israel, but working with Bophuthatswana, a South African homeland was quite an adventure. 

We were hired to do public relations for its Trade Mission Office, gaining media coverage for their activities in Israel. We wanted to encourage Israeli investors and businesses to consider opportunities in the area, while engaging friends in cultural exchanges and mutual tourism.

Quickly, ACCESS's responsibilities grew to include writing reports, newsletters and other promotional materials, as well as assisting in event coordination.

Our relationship with the Trade Mission lasted for 2.5 years, until the country was abruptly and violently reincorporated into South Africa along with the other homelands, marking the end of the Apartheid era.

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