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Opening Doors for
International Business Opportunities

Chamaleon by Elite Sport

Elite Sport Camaleon is one of some 30 beautifully designed soccer goalkeeper gloves offered by the brand worldwide, both in-store and online, with the slogan "Stick to your Goal!"

Leveraging our Enthusiasm for a Client's Products to Expand their Reach in the US Market

Elite Sport, a young international soccer brand specializing in professional-quality soccer goalkeeper gloves, was referred to ACCESS by one of our satisfied clients.


They hired us to work on their marketing content: product catalog, web site, social media pages, hang tags, packaging, instructions, etc.


One day, we asked if they would be interested in an introduction to the largest sports equipment retailer in the United States with some 850 stores and a robust online business. Needless to say, they were interested.

We initiated contact, prepared the presentation content and coached the CEO and US Distributor for their pitch at the US headquarters, where we facilitated the meeting, and after, the follow-up.

Since then, successful testing online and in-stores has been very encouraging!

Our cooperation has helped offer very high-quality soccer gloves at affordable prices to players at all levels, regardless of gender, age or geography!

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