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Supporting Water-Related Technologies and Projects


Watergen's Water-from-Air technology in use in Africa.

(Image courtesy of Watergen; screenshot from company video.)

Water is the New Oil

Israel is a leading player in the development of water technologies from irrigation to extracting water from the air. It has been ACCESS' privilege to support these companies in their marketing efforts in diverse ways.

We were very honored and excited to work with a private company in preparing an bid to upgrade a foreign country's national water infrastructure, in cooperation with Mekorot Israel Water Authority. Our job was to edit the tender before submission -- not just reviewing the grammar and spelling, but asking questions about legal implications, hypothetical consequences and ambiguities. The team won the tender and ACCESS continues to work with the team members who have since moved on to other professional challenges.

Watergen's Atmospheric Water Generation technology is a fascinating solution for providing clean drinking water, extracted from the air, to populations in areas of shortage -- whether in developing countries or in the heart of global capitals. We are proud to provide the Company with support in writing its social media content to help spread the gospel!

ACCESS has worked with various companies in this area, writing a business plan, brochures, one pagers and white papers, among others. The technologies have included irrigation, measuring water quality, evaluating water loss/waste in municipal infrastructure, and fresh water export via bladders. 

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